Hailing from Buntingford in Hertfordshire Michael Curtis is a 51 years ex-marathon distance runner. 

Having competed at a string of London Marathons in the mid-90s before he graduated to Olympic distance triathlons soon after. 

Like so many of us who love FulGaz, he describes his riding style as someone that doesn’t turn the pedals in anger, “I don’t race, I have never been quick, but I enjoy the long steady stuff, so I focus on Gran Fondos now”

The series of rides he’s filmed for FulGaz is a set of his local weekend rides out through the scenic Hertfordshire countryside, also crossing into Essex and Cambridgeshire. 

Michael admits that “Hertfordshire is no Yorkshire or Scotland for hills, but these rides have a few steep bits to get the heart going!”

Michael enjoys many of the longer FulGaz rides and particularly the rides he will never do for in real life. Although in the UK he’s enjoyed The Llanberis Pass (OC-189) as this was one of his first FulGaz rides and for some reason just stuck with him as being enjoyable.

Be sure to check out his full ride collection on FulGaz by searching “Curtis” in the app.