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This year has really brought indoor training into the limelight. The lockdown period and quarantines of 2020 have made even the most adamant outdoor rider find love for stationary training.

Thankfully there are great programs that make it so much easier to keep motivation high. I found the FulGaz app saved me during the two-month lockdown in Spain earlier this year. I could go even further and say it actually increased my threshold by 10-15 watts.

Indoors, there is nowhere to hide and you earn every pedal stroke that’s for sure.


I know that every article you read mentions this, but it’s SO important to have a good setup and position of your trainer.

A smart trainer is a must to get the full benefit from FulGaz. There are heaps of options out there, but I personally use a Tacx Neo. It’s good to have some natural light coming into your workout room also and ventilation is super important. I use two fans, always have a window open and sometimes that’s still not enough airflow. Put a sweat mat under the ergo and keep heaps of towels close by, this helps me keep the sweat at bay.


Another crucial point is to stay hydrated during your session as you wouldn’t believe how much fluid you lose with the wind blowing in your face.

For a solid 1hr session I’ve lost 2-3kg before so it’s important to have lots of fluids ready. I use two big 750ml bottles ready for every session. One water and one with a hydration mix in it to replace all the salts and minerals you are losing in your sweat.


This is a big one for me. A good podcast or playlist can save your mind from going crazy. My trick is for any sessions that don’t need 100% concentration like an easy spin or an endurance ride I will go for informative podcasts, something that makes you think or learn something will make the time fly by. I really love listening to Life in the Peloton, Conversations on the ABC and The Social Distance.

For base work or Z2 tempo sessions I’ll go for radio, so a good mix of music and talking but nothing too hard for the mind to process. My favourite station is Triple J as it keeps me in touch with home and always has some great tunes.

For anything threshold and above I go straight to classic albums from my childhood to really get me motivated to destroy the ergo. A few of my favourites are Pendulum, Blink 182, Powderfinger and Rufus del Sol.


I always cover my power data on my Garmin, sure you can see it on your TV or iPad but this doesn’t limit you. I find that power meters are taking away the ability to naturally feel and gauge your efforts. The next session you do, cover up your power meter data and go for it. I think you will surprise yourself and maybe even reach new limits as you feel your way rather than watch your numbers.


My coach gives me a workout which I upload to FulGaz, but I like to pick a route that is just slightly longer than my training session needs to be. This way you just finish the route in FulGaz as I tell myself I can’t get off until I’ve finished the ride. This is a great way to build your fitness and more closely resembles real life as when you’re on the road you don’t just get off after an hour, you ride until you get home.

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Luke is a WorldTour rider with Aussie team, Mitchelton SCOTT. Originally from Perth he now calls Girona, Spain home. 

A dual time trial national champion, he is one of the strongest domestiques in the peloton. Check out Luke’s FulGaz ride collection for his top five rides on FulGaz.

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