The opening stage of the Shut Up Legs World Tour is rolling out on 24 April. 

This is your chance to virtually ride shoulder to shoulder with the one and only Jens Voigt on FulGaz.

What’s better, is that the ride will be on the ICONIC Liège–Bastogne–Liège course the day before the World Tour tackles it!

Like all good things in life, finishing this ride won’t come easy. The route is 74km/46miles long and features 1300+ metres/4265 feet of climbing. Don’t worry though, Jens will be there to cheer you to the finish line via Zoom. 

This is an exclusive FulGaz riding (and ZOOM) experience so places are limited. Make sure you register below to secure your place for 24 April, so we can keep you up to date.

Remember majority rules! We will be using data from our registered riders to determine the best time zone to run this not-to-be-missed event. So if you’ve got mates keen to ride with Jens, make sure they register below.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Bjorn Loconsole who filmed the L-B-L route specifically for this event.


Key climbs of the route! 

  • Col du Rosier from Moulin du Ruy 4.4km – 6%avg
  • La Vecquée 6.4km – 6%avg
  • Cote de Desnié 6.5km – 4,9%avg
  • Maquisard 2.9km – 5,1%avg
  • Hautregard 1.7km – 3,9% avg
  • Cote de la Redoute 2km – 8.8%avg

But… don’t be fooled by the official climbs… The Belgian Ardennes aren’t flat, numerous climbs aren’t counted as ‘official’, … but in the end you will have climbed 1300m+


One of five monuments of cycling, this is an epic challenge. Filmed on a bright, clear Belgian day, this ride takes in some of the classic climbs of L-B-L. 


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