Keen to know a little bit more about the filming of the opening stage of the Shut Up Legs World Tour?

FulGaz contributor, Bjorn, shared with us what went into filming this route and how he curated it for FulGaz. 

Tell us about the day you filmed the Liège–Bastogne–Liège course?

It was a beautiful sunny Belgian day… 4°Celcius, there was a strong wind 25km/h however what made this ride kind of epic was the wind gusts up to 65-70km/h!

That made the descents very tricky and dangerous as most of them are relatively steep and in open landscape… I got lucky on the descent of the Cote de Desnié as a strong gust almost took me off the road, but I kept it upright and riding. 

Which key climbs does this route encompass?

Don’t be fooled by the official climbs as the Belgian Ardennes aren’t flat.

Numerous climbs aren’t counted as ‘official but by the finish of the ride you will have climbed  1300+ metres over the 80km route! 

In order of appearance, the climbs are:

  1. Col du Rosier from Moulin du Ruy (4.4km – 6% avg)The Col du Rosier is situated in Liege. This climb belongs to the Ardennes. The Col du Rosier via Moulin de Ruy is ranked number 137 of the Ardennes.
  2. La Vecquée (6.4km – 6% avg) This Côte de La Vecquee approach starts in Stoumont. The Côte de La Vecquee climb is 6.2 km long. Rolling between 4-7% for most of this climb, you’ll gain 330 vertical. The average gradient is 5.3 %.
  3. Cote de Desnié (6,5km – 4.9% avg)It is 6.5km long and bridges 320 vertical meters with an average gradient of 4.9%, resulting in a difficulty score of 198. The top of the ascent is located at 537 meters above sea level.
  4.  Maquisard (2,9km – 5.1% avg) – This climb starts off at a gentle 2% before kicking up to 6% at the 2km mark. 
  5. Hautregard (1,7km – 3.9% avg)It’s consistent for the fist 3.5km at around 6% before it drops to just below 4% for the final section.
  6. Cote de la Redoute (2km – 8.8%avg) – This is the TOUGHEST climb of the day.

What is the best thing about this ride?

The ‘old lady’, the other name of Liège–Bastogne–Liège, is like a boa constrictor, strangles you softly… and the stunning views of course!

What is the hardest climb on this route?

Côte de La Redoute is the hardest climb of this event according and it’s at the finish! Located in Aywaille, it’s a 2km climb with an 8.8% average gradient. You’ll be desperate to get off the trainer. 

Why did you choose this route?

This route encompasses epic climbs like Vecquée, Maquisard and Hautregard which aren’t included in the in 2021 WorldTour edition, so I think the route I’ve chosen is a lot more scenic, tough and full of Belgian spirit!

Who do you think will win the 2021 Liège–Bastogne–Liège and why?

I think Primož Roglič from Team Jumbo–Visma, he is in great form as he won the Basque-tour.


  • BST ???????? Saturday 24 April 10am
  • CEST ????????  Saturday 24 April 11am
  • EDT ????????  Saturday 24 April 5am
  • SAST ????????  Saturday 24 April 11am
  • JST ???????? Saturday 24 April 6pm
  • AEDT ????????  Saturday 24 April 7pm

Rides will stay open in competition mode for one week before being available on FulGaz. 


Liège-Bastogne-Liège ????????

The opening ride of the “Shut Up Legs World Tour” this is going to be TOUGH! Get ready to ride with the one and only Jens Voigt, in what will be an unforgettable ride on FulGaz.


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