The one thing we love is riding our bikes outside with our mates, when we heard that the 2021 Edition of L’Étape Australia wasn’t able to go ahead due to rain we were truly upset. The team at L’Étape Australia had set the stage for what was going to be one of the best rides yet.

However, all is not lost, you can ride the three key climbs from the 2021 event on FulGaz for free as part of the L’Étape Australia Hill Climb Challenge on FulGaz.

L’Étape Australia Hill Climb Challenge

These are the hills that decide the race each year, so they aren’t easy. You can ride them in any order as long as you finish them before the event cut-off times below.

The three stages feature the stunning and brutal hills from the NSW Southcoast. These routes were filmed by former pro-rider Brad McGee, so don’t underestimate the tough final stage.

You can ride each stage as many times as you like to try and improve your time, FulGaz only adds your most recent ride to the leaderboard, so to upload your fastest time go to Settings > Ride History > select your ride and upload it.

Who’ll take home the choccies for coming first? Check out the leaderboard here. 

P.S if you need another free FulGaz trial, you can use the promo code 2021letape to get another 10 days free!



  • EST ????????  Friday 19 March 4pm
  • PST ????????  Friday 19 March 1pm
  • GMT ???????? Friday 19 March 8pm
  • CET ????????  Friday 19 March 9pm
  • SAST ????????  Friday 19 March 10pm
  • AEDT ????????  Saturday 20 March 7am
  • JST ???????? Saturday 20 March 5am


  • EST ????????  Sunday 28 March 7.59pm
    PST ????????  Sunday 28 March 4.59pm
    GMT ???????? Sunday 28 March 11.59pm
    CET ????????  Sunday 28 March 12.59am
    SAST ????????  Sunday 28 March 1.59pm
    AEDT ????????  Monday 29 March 10.59am
    JST ???????? Monday 29 March 8.59am

1. Berry Mountain

Starting in the township of Berry, this ride is the event opener for Virtual L’Etape Australia by Tour de France. After a flat roll-out of town, warm your legs up on the barely noticeable ramp before the main climb begins at around 2.9Km. Steep gradients and sharp hairpins await, but the really hard work is over as you ride through 6km. Be sure to take a moment to look around and admire the beauty of this climb as you ascend under a canopy of lush green trees.


2. Col de Fitzroy/Barengarry

Col de Fitzroy/Barrengarry is nestled amongst the great dividing range in the South of New South Wales. A tough uphill ride from the word ‘go’ this is a constant effort for the 11.5km climb. There are a few false flats which will provide some relief along with a downhill segment towards the end, but be warned, it’s mostly uphill!


3. Saddleback Mountain

The final and toughest stage of the event, Saddleback Mountain is not to be underestimated. This is a short, sharp course at only 4.49km long, but your legs are going to be screaming by the end of this stage with just under 400metres gained in what’s a constant climb.


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