Our first  “Climb of the Year” award was won by Klaus for his amazing Avio to San Valentino. This year he’s taken things literally to a whole new level with his new 4K versions of the Passo Stelvio from all three sides.

Klaus has a great eye for capturing the best possible version version of a ride. He also has a knack of finding amazing hidden away rides that nobody has ever heard of. Maybe it’s his day job as a Geographer?

You can check out his rides in FulGaz by searching for Klaus.
Full name

Klaus Herrig

Where you live?

Burgsinn, Lower Franconia (part of Bavaria), Germany

What you do when you’re not out riding?

I like hiking and being outdoors with my family, swimming in our local village pool, reading, listening to music not suitable for my age (…as my wife tells me), watching Netflix…

At what age did you start riding a bike?

As a little kid of four years on a bike with stabiliser wheels. I still remember that I fell off the bike and injured my knee… I loved my first “Bonanza-bike”, my first race bike (with fenders) and “a bike” was always my preferred means of transport. The real addiction started when three friends and I biked from Würzburg to Firenze in 6 days as part of a special school challenge.

Your favourite FulGaz ride?

I love Fulgaz videos from areas which are either difficult or impossible for me to do (Australia, US, Canada) or which totally surprise me. Among my favourites are “The Great Dunfell” and “Bealach na Ba” – I admit I never thought of England as a place to do biking…so if I had to come up with a slogan it would be “Explore the world with FulGaz!”

Your favourite pro bike rider?

As a German…Jan Ullrich, despite (or because of?) his recent personal troubles. Love the book and video channel from Phil Gaimon.

Your favourite food?

I’m not too crazy about food but if I must choose – almost everything of specific local food my grandma used to cook. When abroad, (almost) everything local and authentic.

Your favourite movie?

Too many to list just a single one…

What you enjoy most about filming FulGaz rides?

I find no better words than Mervyn’s so I’d like to quote him: “I enjoy seeing others ride my rides and post on Strava. It’s a great way to show my part of the world and my cycling experiences with people around the world that share my passion.”

Any other random facts you’d like to add? 

For years I was trying to do my winter training on a trainer – I could never stay on it for long and rather went out into the cold and dark winter with my MTB. FulGaz is the first app where I like – or even look forward to – to go on a trainer! I love the FulGaz team spirit, the “start-up” like approach, the stable and well-engineered app and the many places I can ride. I’m a geographer and, like Mervyn said – where else can I ride in Australia, Canada and France in just two hours?

I also like to add that even with some experience in filming bike rides now, it is still amazing to me what can go wrong when trying to film a certain climb, a special event, a nice course… Mostly, you only have one shot because of weather, time constraints or because holidays are ending. And always remember – stay calm and stable on the bike even when you feel like breaking a certain personal record on Strava or getting rid of that wheel sucker.