If you’ve ridden just about any ride in FulGaz, you’ve experienced Pete’s work. Initially he contributed some rides himself, but before long his involvement grew and for over three years now he’s been working away on the ride data itself.

Pete’s contribution to the continued improvement in the quality of FulGaz rides cannot be understated. His relentless attention to detail is the stuff of legend at FulGaz HQ.

You can check out his many rides in FulGaz by searching for ‘Kettle’.

Hailing from Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, UK, he’s a passionate DIYer and gardener, having just finished remodelling his garden pond and will be restocking it before the end of the summer to give the frogs and newts some company.  

On the garden front, he previously grew some Carolina Reapers chillies, however after receiving a notice from MI5 that they were classed a WMD and being placed on a ‘No-fly’ list for 6-month, he downgraded it to a greenhouse full of Jalapeños. 

Here’s a bit about the Ride Engineer behind so many of the amazing rides on FulGaz. 

At what age did you start riding a bike?

My first bike was a front-wheel drive tricycle from Father Christmas.  I must have been about 5 years old.  I also had an E-type Jaguar pedal car.

Favourite FulGaz ride?

The answer will always be “Lochie McLochface”, one of my own rides.

I filmed it on a family summer holiday in 2018, and whenever I ride it I am reminded of the fabulous scenery that was on our doorstep for our two week stay.  I had seen the ride featured on a TV programme a year or so earlier, before I had subscribed to Fulgaz, so I was determined to ride it for myself when I knew that we were going to be staying close by.  We had all ridden around the loch in the other direction a few days earlier; the weather wasn’t great but at least I had got some idea of the route and its rolling terrain.  If you’ve ridden Lochie, you’ll know that on the day of filming I was blessed with near-perfect conditions.

To my mind, Lochie captures the essence of Fulgaz.  Amazing scenery, amazing skies, and an almost perfect route – a mixture of flat, rolling, and steep, all on closed roads with only other cyclists and walkers for company – that everyone on Fulgaz can manage.  And its name hints that Fulgaz can be fun; indoor training shouldn’t always be about FTP tests and climbing Tour de France mountains.

If anyone asks “Why should I subscribe to Fulgaz”, the answer is “Lochie McLochface”.

Favourite pro bike rider?

Geraint Thomas, OBVIOUSLY

Favourite food?

Chicken Jalfrezi with extra chillies.

Your favourite movie?

I have two favourites. The Right Stuff, showing the human bravery and technological rocketry that lead to the Apollo moon landings which happened as I was growing up.  I remember praying for the safe return of the Apollo 13 crew during junior school assembly.  And secondly, Ronin.  

There is a fantastic car chase in the film featuring an Audi S8; around about the same time I was very fortunate to be driving my own Audi A8, although not as fast as Jean Reno!

What you enjoy most about filming FulGaz rides?

Showing off our beautiful British countryside to FulGaz users around the world.

Any other random facts you’d like to add? 

I used to be a decent club road runner (I completed the 1987 London marathon in 2:50:51) but my knees started to creak so I switched to bike riding. I’m lucky enough to have taken early retirement so there’s always plenty of daylight for me to get out on my bike, and time to work with the FulGaz team on all of the new rides.

With so many contributors sending in their rides from around the world, there is always plenty to do!