Joseph McCargar

Hailing from Michigan, USA, Joe McCargar grew an admiration for filmmaking while working as a sound recording engineer. He started filming for FulGaz as a way of incorporating video in his retired life.

The Reeds Lake loop is one of Joe’s regular training loops he rides with his group of “men of a certain age” who have been together for 33 years.


How did you start filming for FulGaz?

The Reeds Lake Loop is part of a group of thirteen regular rides and training loops that I’ve done in the area with a group of “men of a certain age,” who have been together as bike racers and performance cyclists for 33 years. I hope to include several of those rides in coming submissions to FulGaz. The camaraderie that I am blessed with during these rides makes them truly significant to me and to my sense of wellbeing.

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world?

My favourite ride in my area is a 28-mile loop that I call the “Go West Young Man” ride. It goes from my home, West through the city of Grand Rapids out into rural farmland and orchards. It takes me toward Lake Michigan into Allegan County, Michigan. It is all hills and rolling terrain, except for a 10-kilometer stretch through the Grand River Valley.

Favourite FulGaz ride & why?

I tend to like all of the rides in the U.K.. The varying terrain and sometimes winding roads keep things interesting.

Favourite cycling memory?

My favourite cycling memory is a ten-day visit to the Tour de France in 2001. The same men I ride with today were there then. We rode many parts of the routes on that year’s tour, including the Alp d’Huez and the Col de la Colombiere.

Dream bike or favourite bike?

I currently ride my dream bike. It’s a white Serotta Ottrott™ that I equipped from the ground up with my favourite Campy™ gear.

You can view Joe’s ride on the FulGaz app by searching “Joseph.”