New IRONMAN Australia bike leg

FulGaz is excited to add the official bike leg for IRONMAN Australia to the app to help you recon the course and prepare for race day on 7 May.

This is a long video, but you can use the segment tool in FulGaz to trim the ride down sections to train on for race day. At 180km this one is tough.

You can find this ride under NEW in the FulGaz App in the IRONMAN ride channel.


After exiting transition, you will head west onto the bike course via Hastings River Drive before turning left onto Winery Drive for a quick out and back to Cassegrain Wines. You will then get back on Hastings River Drive heading north, riding over the Pacific Highway and through Blackmans Point interchange. From here you will begin the first of two laps at the northern end of the course on Telegraph Point Road and through the scenic townships and rolling hills of Pembrooke and Redbank. The northern turnaround is on Stoney Creek Road, just outside of Wauchope, before returning to Blackmans Point Interchange to start your second lap. Once your second lap is complete at approximately 125km, you will continue through Blackmans Point interchange and back onto Hastings River Drive, passing tantalisingly close transition as you begin your one lap of the southern course. You will hit a few more rolling hills along Ocean Drive while taking in the sweeping ocean views, including a stunning loop down to the Tacking Point Lighthouse before continuing south towards the turnaround in Lake Cathie. Your return to Port Macquarie will be where you meet the infamous Matthew Flinders Drive climb before heading back into transition at Westport Park.

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