Hans-Peter is a proud Austrian who lives in the beautiful mountains of Salzburg. He has two donkeys, Alfredo and Pauline and when he was younger, he studied Law, Order and Justice at the University of Salzburg until the age of 23 before turning professional as a cyclist. 

He has a number of titles to his name including multiple national hill climb championships and a string of podiums in the national road race championship in Austria.  

Favourite ride?

My favourite climbs in the real-world are the Pico de las Nieves (Gran Canaria), the Stelvio from Prato (Italy) and the Tauernmoossee (which I live near).

Favourite ride on FulGaz?

There are so many… Because there are so many amazing rides all over the world. I like the ones with perfect weather, less traffic, and high alpine scenery.

How did you get started filming rides with FulGaz?

I wanted to share the wonderful rides here in Austria to the other users of FulGaz. When I started filming for FulGaz there was almost nothing from Austria. 

Favourite cycling memory?

I do not have one specific favourite cycling memory. The “Ruta de las Presas” Ride in Gran Canaria is one of my favourites – it’s an approximately 160k ride with 3500m of climbing. It has stunning views and scenery 

I hope that C Virus crisis will come to an end so that anyone can ride and live like before that chaos and that we can get more videos/rides from Gran Canaria maybe I can share the Ruta de las Presas then to the FulGaz community!