When I saw Grace’s FulGaz rides from the Santa Monica Mountains, I liked them so much I ended up going to ride them with Grace for real. I’ve been back again since, and the friends I’ve made there combined with the terrain make it one of my absolute favourite places in the World to ride.

There’s great climbs of course, but it’s equally fun to hammer down the Canyons. I’ve always been a pretty good at descending on a bike, but as it turns out, that’s nowhere near as good as Grace can go downhill. Maybe it’s her downhill ski racing background and local knowledge, but wow – She’s fast!


You can check out Grace’s rides in FulGaz by searching for Grace. It’s also worth searching for Santa Monica
Full name

Grace Hutton

Where you live?

Thousand Oaks, CA

What you do when you’re not out riding?

Outside of riding my bike, I work on them at Serious Cycling, who I also race for. I teach after-school study sessions in Math and Science. I am also taking classes, getting ready for Grad school, planning on studying Physical Therapy. Oh, and my roommates and I run a dog sitting business out of our apartment. Free time? What is free time?

At what age did you start riding a bike?

I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember, starting with going mountain biking with my dad on some of the local fire roads and easy trails at a young age. There was a few year gap before I got my first road bike at 14. I am absolutely a roadie, that has been my primary riding since then. In the last year, since I began working and racing for Serious Cycling, I have started mountain biking again (with none of the fearlessness of my childhood exploits) and regularly going to the track as well.

Your favourite FulGaz ride?

My favorite Fulgaz ride is the loop through Brisbane. I loved living there for 4 months in 2014, and its great to see the sights of the city. I hope one day to go back and ride it for real.

Your favourite pro bike rider?

I’m a huge fan of riders like Christian Knees and Nathan Haas. These riders do a huge amount of work in the peloton but are rarely seen. Usually by the time the broadcasts begin, they’ve sat on the front for 100km and their job is done. Its having these super strong riders willing to what could easily become a fairly thankless job that make teams like Sky so dominant. These riders have completely committed to a team win, with no personal ambition. Having been a domestique for my team, and been helped by other teammates acting as such, has given me an enormous respect for the riders who sit in the wind and sacrifice for the big stars to take a shot at the podium.

Your favourite food?

I’m a foodie in general, but lately I seem completely unable to resist a good cookie (biscuit)…. or even a marginally ok cookie (biscuit)… or anything vaguely cookie (biscuit) shaped.

Your favourite movie?

Young Frankenstein, closely follow by a tie between Princess Bride and Some Like it Hot.

What you enjoy most about filming FulGaz rides?

Filming for Fulgaz for me was what jump started my current participation in cycling. I had been riding, one or two days week and most of those on a trainer because my dad, who was my riding partner, was off the bike. While filming the Santa Monica mountains was really for him, so he could still ride his favorite climbs, it was a starting point for me as well. Doing all the climbs spurred me into riding 5-6 days a week, which is pretty much what I’m still doing now, and got me more involving in the local cycling community. I finished filming the week before I began working in a shop, and truly made cycling my primary sport instead of off season training for skiing or rowing.