FulGaz JetBlack Tour de France Competition

This year’s FulGaz Tour de France Competition takes place entirely on roads used in this year’s race. There are five climbs to complete in total, with two released during the first two weeks of the race, then a final climb in the third week. To go into the draw to win the new JetBlack WhisperDrive Smart trainer you need to complete all six stages by the end of July 29th. There will be one random male winner and one random female winner.

We’ve worked with JetBlack to make the new WhisperDrive Smart work beautifully with FulGaz. The road feel is up there with trainers costing a lot more, and it’s completely self powered. There’s no need to plug it in, and it will even charge your iPad while you ride. How cool is that? Learn More

Stage 1 – Col de la Madeleine

The Col de la Madeleine is one of the most famous climbs in the history of the Tour de France, this is the Climb from La Chambre (southern route) at an average of 7.9%.

Available in the Competition section of FulGaz when the Tour de France starts


Stage 2 – Col du Tourmalet – Eastern Ascent

The highest paved mountain pass in the French Pyrenees. The eastern climb from Sainte-Marie de Campan is 17.2 km long, gaining 1,268 m at an average of 7.4% with a maximum of 12%.

Available in the Competition section of FulGaz when the Tour de France starts


Stage 3 – Alp d’Huez

A legendary climb on the Tour, with an average grade of 8.1%, 21 hairpin bends and a maximum grade of 13% You’ll soon find out how this climb earns it’s “iconic” status.

Available in the Competition section of FulGaz from July 14th


Stage 4 – Col de la Croix de Fer from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne

The longest climb in this year’s competition. Despite it’s length, it’s a comparatively gentle ride through some beautiful Alpine villages.

Available in the Competition section of FulGaz from July 14th


Stage 5 – Col de La Colombière

You’re almost there, just one stage to go. This western ascent is a solid 14km climb.

Available in the Competition section of FulGaz from July 21st

Leaderboard will appear here when the ride is ready to be ridden

Overall - End of week 1

Week 1 Leaderboard Stage 1 Stage 2  
Pos Name Gender Col de la Madeleine Col du Tourmalet Total
1 Phil Harrison (AUS) M 1:11:42 1:04:31 2:16:13
2 Charles Brett (AUS) M 1:12:23 1:08:40 2:21:03
3 Neil Goodland_Briggs (UK) M 1:16:03 1:05:52 2:21:55
4 David Donovan (AUS) M 1:20:33 1:11:28 2:32:01
5 Jos Paques (JPN) M 1:23:55 1:08:46 2:32:41
6 Chris Reid (AUS) M 1:25:18 1:12:22 2:37:40
7 Simon Dutton (UK) M 1:27:21 1:10:30 2:37:51
8 Stephen Minchin (NZ) M 1:27:17 1:14:01 2:41:18
9 Mark Chapman (AUS) M 1:33:02 1:09:19 2:42:21
10 David Moreland (AUS) M 1:25:38 1:21:33 2:47:11
11 Mervyn Hiebert (      ) M 1:33:24 1:14:45 2:48:09
12 Sebastien Renard (BEL) M 1:33:34 1:17:27 2:51:01
13 Volker Scheid (GER) M 1:33:28 1:20:26 2:53:54
14 Michael W (USA) M 1:36:50 1:19:21 2:56:11
15 PLC (UK) M 1:32:32 1:24:00 2:56:32
16 Donal Watters (AUS) M 1:39:45 1:19:47 2:59:32
17 Penny (GB) F 1:33:13 1:28:24 3:01:37
18 Robert Moreland (USA) M 1:43:49 1:19:22 3:03:11
19 Adam Honey (AUS) M 1:42:21 1:29:19 3:11:40
20 John Lehner (AUS) M 1:40:21 1:36:17 3:16:38
21 Darren Mills (AUS) M 1:47:37 1:34:31 3:22:08
22 John Pickard (AUS) M 1:57:56 1:33:31 3:31:27
23 Patrick McDaid (AUS) M 1:55:36 1:40:02 3:35:38
24 Pieter Jurriens (BEL) M 2:00:21 1:41:13 3:41:34
25 Bill Hutton (USA) M 2:09:16 1:52:59 4:02:15
26 Alberto M (SPA) M 2:28:39 1:49:06 4:17:45
27 Neville Wilks (AUS) M 2:25:29 1:57:28 4:22:57
28 Neville White (AUS) M 2:31:15 2:11:01 4:42:16
29 Arieh Keren (AUS) M 2:43:39 2:03:24 4:47:03

Competition details and rules

How to enter

  • Go to the Competition section in FulGaz
  • Choose a stage
  • Enter your Country as your location
  • Ride the entire stage from start to finish, then upload to leaderboard

Terms and conditions

  • Only the version of the ride in the Competition section counts. Do not save it to your favourites and ride it from there, it won’t work
  • When you finish each stage your time will instantly be added to a leaderboard that only includes FulGaz times (no times from other apps)
  • Leaderboard results can be sorted by gender so you can see separate men’s and women’s results
  • To prevent deliberate and accidental cheating, FulGaz Competition rides override all your usual settings, even calculating your aerodynamic drag based on your body mass. If you really feel the need to lie about your weight, we recommend an app beginning with Z
  • You can upload your ride to Strava later by going to Settings > Ride History
  • Once the competition has closed, all the people who completed the competition will go into the draw to win a JetBlack WhisperSmart Smart Trainer. This is a random draw, not a prize for the quickest time
  • One trainer for the male winner, one for the female winner
  • The prizes will be drawn by a an employee of Jetblack, their decision is final