Vichy, France


The first few kilometres are along the banks of Lake Allier before a flat section of 15km. The first ascent will be at St Yorre where you will climb to Busset. The technical descent of Les Corres follows, leading you to the Sichon valley. In Cusset, a festive spectator-filled atmosphere awaits before you take on the 72km loop which you will complete twice. Power up at the first food and drink aid station in order to face La Bruyère hill and the Isserpent plateau. Catch your breath as you descend to the Moulin de Chatel, you will need it before hitting the 3% gradient, 16km climb to St Nicolas des Biefs. Take the time to admire the landscape and climb at a steady pace. After the summit, enjoy the downhill towards St Clement which offers magnificent views on the Puy de Montoncel and the Loge des Gardes. When exiting St Clement, a small hill will guide you to Le Mayet de Montagne and the 4th aid station. Then, head to Arronnes, enjoy the downhill and make your way back to Cusset, through the Sichon valley. In Cusset, fans will be there to pump you up for the second loop. The way back to T2 will take you through the cities of Cusset and Vichy, in 100% urban streets.