Mt. Diablo North Gate

Bay Area, California, USA

Mountain - New

Mt. Diablo towers over the East Bay area with the summit altitude of 3,849ft. On a clear day, views from its summit stretch more than 200 miles. Mount Diablo has the largest view shields in the United States and second in the world (the first one is Mt. Kilimanjaro). North Gate Road to the summit is only a mere 11 miles. The ride is very curvy but not too steep. The unobstructed views are to die for as North Gate Road climbs up the west side of the mountain, and every single corner will have you pulling to the side to stare in amazement. This level of openness is probably unparalleled in the entire Bay Area. The lower elevation flows up a draw and then it’s a series of switchbacks weaving a tapestry of pavement up the mountainside. The very finish is quite steep – way over 10% and will demand some prayers!

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Duration 01:26:32
Distance 17.34kms
Elevation Gain 1071m
Toughness 610