Bay Area, California, USA

Hilly - New

Alba Rd originated in 19th century as road providing the farmers at the north end of Empire Grade with a route to Ben Lomond, their nearest place of trade. It was known as Alba Grade, Ben Lomond Grade.This climb is also known as A Long Brutal Ascent. The 10% average grade is rather steep for a road that climbs over 2,000ft . The grade is highly inconsistent with with sections near 5% intermixed with significant portions at 15% to 20%. Surviving this climb is an exercise in pain testing your fitness to the maximum. The steep sections aren't so long that a fit rider can't power through them, however. It does offer some magnificent views near the top if you still have any energy to remember to enjoy anything at this point of time.

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Duration 00:45:18
Distance 6.00kms
Elevation Gain 629m
Toughness 434