Malangen Fjord, Troms, Norway

Loop - Hilly

The ride is going from the Malangen fjord up through Fjellbygda (Mountain Village) past several small lakes and back down to the fjord again. Malangen is located in Troms County, Norway at 69 degrees north about 70km south of Tromsø which is the largest town in the area. This is quite far north, and far north of the Arctic Circle. In the summer time the sun never sets, so you can be out cycling 24/7 if you like. Most of the snow has gone, but you can still see snow covered peaks during the ride. In the distance you will be able to see the Lyngen Alps with mountains up to 1800 meters above sea level. It's a relatively short but tough ride. The few hills are not too long, but steep and hard. This ride is one of my favourite rides since the scenery is super nice, and you get a full workout in a limited amount of time. You are going to feel it afterwards!