Tonstad Tippen

Tonstad, Norway

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This is a popular local climb in the South of Norway, in a small village called Tonstad. Because of the hills, and lots of rain, Norway's second biggest power station is located here. Sira-Kvina power Power Station. The road was made when they build the water supply tunnels for the power station back in the 70s From the first pedestrian crossings/around 100 metres after the video starts, the climb has an 9,4% average slope, 3.90km, and 366m height difference. The slope has been modelled a bit differently than the other FulGaz rides. Instead of normal smoothed GPS elevation data, the altitude has been accurately collected from a digital terrain model to centimetre accuracy then imported directly into FulGaz. This gives an accurate reproduction of the climb. Be aware of the steep finish at the top, and don't fall of the bike :-)"

Duration 0:20:02
Distance 3.98kms
Elevation Gain 378m
Toughness 92