Albispass and Buchenegg clockwise

Langnau, Zurich, Switzerland

Loop - Hilly - New

Switzerland's most ridden local climb. The route begins by tackling Albispass. Once you pass the Löwen Restaurant, the climb quickly kicks up to double digits and enters the forest. The gradient gets easier from here as you meander through a few long stretches and a number of switchbacks before you reach top at almost 800 m. After a quick descent, you're onto small country roads and whisking through a quaint Swiss village, as well as some impromptu gravel, before tackling the mostly forested climb on the back of another popular climb, Buchenegg. The route finishes at the starting point, allowing you to ride this route as a loop.

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Duration 00:46:15
Distance 18.65kms
Elevation Gain 540m
Toughness 226