Drum Canyon and Tepusquet Climb

Los Alamos, California, USA

Mountain - New - Long

This rides take us over four nice climbs: Drum Canyon, Cat Canyon and the two sides of the Tepusquet Mountain. Starting with mellow climbing, soon the road becomes a one way road and a bit steeper to the summit of Drum Canyon, and after a quick downhill, it is time to go over Cat Canyon and see the oil rigs all over the field. After riding a bit on Foxen Canyon, we'll need a harder gear to climb both sides of Tepusquet. Climb without interruption at a moderate pace to the summit pass at 9.6 miles. The back side of the ride is a notch steeper and much curvier for the next 3 miles, with some very nice banking in the constant switchbacks. Here you can really practice your cornering skills. You’re on the drier north side of the divide now, so the landscape is harsher, but the payoff is great vistas of the grand valley before you and the hills beyond. And you can see your own road ahead of and far below you - always a thrill.