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The Iron Curtain

Bavaria, Germany


The ride begins with a rather steep ascent (250hm) through the colourful autumn forest to Birx. It is a historical area: Within 6km the former border between East and West Germany is crossed twice. Only 30 years ago it would have been impossible to ride here! This area is also called the border triangle (Bavaria, Hesse, Thuringia) at the black moor. On the descent shortly after Birx, a signpost indicating the former zone border can be seen. The following long but always moderate ascent ends on a footpath in view of the radar dome (a remnant of the Cold War) on top of the Wasserkuppe. The Wasserkuppe is also called the cradle of gliding in Germany.

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Duration 0:57:41
Distance 18.73kms
Elevation Gain 688m
Toughness 302