Lac de Cap de Long

Pyrenees, France

New - Mountain

Lac de Cap de Long is the highest (7100 ft) and largest (it’s very deep) of 4 dammed reservoirs on this route. It is also the highest reservoir in the Pyrenees. We ride from the town of Fabian on a road that only goes into this park with the lakes (so it’s pretty quiet). We ride along the Neste River formed from the drainage from these lakes across multiple bridges over the river. After 6 miles and one set of shoelace switchbacks (lacets des Ecureuil - squirrel) we come to a Y at the lowest reservoir - Lac Oredon. We continue another 2.8 miles and 1000 feet to the dam at Cap de Long past another set of switchbacks (lacets d’Edelweiss) with views back on Lac Oredon. 9 miles and 3500 feet of climbing not enough? Fear not - I also filmed the other route from the Y at Lac Oredon to Lacs Aumar and Albert!