Hever Castle Olympic Distance Tri

Hever, Kent, England

Hilly - Race - Loop

Ride the route of the UK’s second largest triathlon - Hever Castle. Set in the stunning Kent countryside in the UK this rolling route has a few undulations to keep you on your toes and is filmed on non-race day so is pretty quiet. It’s a double loop with a short hill at the start of each loop and rolls through the High Weald of Kent, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Hever Castle’s most famous inhabitant was Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I.. Loops are rides where the start and finish are at the same point, this lets you do multiple laps without getting weird distances in Strava etc. To ride multiple laps of a ride non-stop, go to Settings then select Laps from the Ride Modes menu.

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Duration 1:21:27
Distance 39.18kms
Elevation Gain 487m
Toughness 288