Berowra to Mt White

Berowra, NSW, Australia

Hilly - New

This ride starts at the base of a nice cat 3 climb, 3.8 km @ avg 5% just after a car ferry. Climbing up through the National Park through the morning fog on a crisp Autumn morning. The route follows the old Pacific Highway which is now a local road with little or no traffic. The road was the main road North from Sydney to the holiday villages and beach towns before the freeway was opened. After a short 10 km section of rolling hills there is a fast 4 km 5% Descent to the Hawkesbury river bridge. The second climb is a cat 4, 3.16km @ avg 5% to the turn around point at the Cafe.

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Duration 01:21:21
Distance 29.95kms
Elevation Gain 620m
Toughness 365