Whiteleaf Hill

The Chiltern Hills, Buckinghamshire, UK

Hilly - Loop

Starting at The Harrow pub, ride through stunning country lanes near to the Prime Minister’s country retreat Chequers, before a fast, winding descent through Cadsden, passing The Plough pub on your left where David Cameron famously hosted China’s President Xi Jinping in 2015. Don’t be fooled by the false flat half-way up Peters Lane, the vicious 20% of Whiteleaf Hill (Official Climbs #23) begins at just ahead at the right-hand bend. Enjoy the fast, straight descent of Kop Hill (25% at the top) before another short, sharp climb up Wardrobes Lane, then a long, easy descent back to The Harrow pub.

Duration 1:03:15
Distance 23.34kms
Elevation Gain 427m
Toughness 268