Vegas hill reps with Harry Hanley

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Hilly - Group Ride - Loop

The hilly roads in a housing estate just outside of Las Vegas are a great hidden training spot. Join super coach and National Masters Road Race Champion Harry Hanley on a loop he found that is great for big-gear strength efforts. You can ride laps non-stop by going to settings and turning on 'Loop Mode'.Terrain - Two moderate climbs of approx 3 mins each.. Loops are rides where the start and finish are at the same point, this lets you do multiple laps without getting weird distances in Strava etc. To ride multiple laps of a ride non-stop, go to Settings then select Laps from the Ride Modes menu.

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Duration 0:07:54
Distance 3.87kms
Elevation Gain 56m
Toughness 27