Kona IRONMAN Part 4

Kona, Hawaii, USA

Race - Long

Mauna Lani Drive to Kailua-Kona wharf. Long straight stretches of sun soaked, hot black ribbon unroll before you and disappear under your wheels as you power through the lava fields heading back to Kona.  The heat is on, but the end approaches as you pass the lava tube, the donkey crossing signs, the airport...almost there.  Turn right and rocket briefly down Palani Road to a slow victory roll on the wharf and a view back at the town in the cool ocean breeze.  But in the Ironman World Championship it would be the transition zone and 26.2 miles of running still to go. Good Luck!

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Duration 01:13:16
Distance 43.27kms
Elevation Gain 224m
Toughness 278