Selva to Sa Calobra to Coll dels Reis

Selva, Mallorca, Spain


Superb climbing in Mallorca with excellent quality footage. You will start off from Selva at around 07:00 and climb up the scenic Coll de sa Batalla with steady gradients punctuated with hairpin turns. The climb averages around 5% and the top is marked by the famous cafe and garage on the right. It’s been said that if you could climb only ascent in the rest of your life, you couldn’t go wrong with this one! You will then continue to climb up to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - with the sunrise glimpsing over the mountains and wild goats dotted around. The climb edges up the easier side of Coll dels Reis before plummeting down to Sa Calobra. Turn around at the bottom and then enjoy one of the most famous and breathtaking climbs in the world back to Coll dels Reis.

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Duration 1:56:21
Distance 41.97kms
Elevation Gain 1347m
Toughness 575