Brompton World Championships

London, England

Easy - Race - Loop

A uniquely English event ridden on Brompton folding bikes, preferably in fancy dress. It's not in the video, but the race begins with a running "Le Mans" start where competitions have to run to their bikes and unfold them before launching into action. For you and me it's laps around a great course that passes bucking Palace every lap. If you like fast flat circuits with lots to look at to stop you getting bored, this one's for you.. Loops are rides where the start and finish are at the same point, this lets you do multiple laps without getting weird distances in Strava etc. To ride multiple laps of a ride non-stop, go to Settings then select Laps from the Ride Modes menu.

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Duration 0:29:15
Distance 15.35kms
Elevation Gain 57m
Toughness 88