Mont Ventoux from Malaucène

Provence, France

Mountain - Long

After leaving Malaucène you pass the cafe on the right at 1Km and the road steepens to over 9% for 2km to 500m. Here you get some respite with a nice section of 4, 5 and 6% which is the story until the 9km mark. Here it kicks and the gradient once again goes over 10% (with some 12%). This is a very hard section, as you pass the water tank and the concrete shed the road swings right then left then you can see straight ahead for a kilometre at well over 10%. The road then twists slightly at a layby then a welcome rest section as you pass the mini roundabout and the cafe at Chalet Liotard. 0.75km of steep climbing then a sharp hairpin left leads to a nice long 6 and 7% section with the steep ski pistes dropping down to your left. As you leave the trees you are greeted with a fantastic view of the tower still 250m above your head. The last two hairpins steepen again with magnificent views to the North where on a clear day the Alps form a fantastic backdrop.