Quimby Road

Bay Area, California, USA

Hilly - New

Quimby Rd is a short cut which bypasses the section of Mount Hamilton Road to the first intermediate descent, eliminating 8 miles and 1500 feet of climbing. It starts of innocently in a residential neighborhood deep in San Jose, but the grade increases steadily, until with 1 mile to go one is assaulted with a series of vertical switchbacks and an extremely steep, truly daunting final straight which, with the help of the pitiless sun, will sap any remaining strength from the legs. Two farm gates on the top. After surviving this, climbing the remaining 2800 feet of Mount Hamilton Road seems trivial. Wild turkeys may observe suffering from sidelines, so try to put on a good show.

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Duration 00:37:19
Distance 7.15kms
Elevation Gain 521m
Toughness 310