Shetland - Unst - Britain's most northerly place

Unst, Shetland Isles, Scotland

Hilly - New

The Isle of Unst is the most northerly island of the Shetland Isles archipelago and is the end of all roads in Britain, it has the most northerly everything, it only has three shops on the whole island and only one hotel. This journey has taken me many days to get here, I have travelled from Norfolk, my home, and have had a 12 hour boat crossing from Aberdeen and then had two further ferry crossings to get to Unst. I am a mere miles from Skaw, my ultimate destination, and ‘the’ most northerly settlement and most northerly beach. I have to head into a strong north-westerly 20mph wind with a temperature of only 11c in mid-August and I can see looming dark skies that I know will bring rain on this open and bleak island, can I make this journey or will the rain halt filming, ride with me and find out ...