Hardly a day goes by these days without someone asking “where’s your Mac version?” So we’re excited to release the Beta version of FulGaz for Mac.

FulGaz is a community-driven app. As such, we invite feedback to help make the MacOS version of the app the best it can be prior to public release. 

We’ve tested this app ourselves, and behind the scenes, it’s 99% the same as the iPad and iPhone versions. However, it’s a Beta, so some things may not be quite right yet. 

To provide feedback on the beta version so we can make improvements, please ONLY send a support ticket here. 

Please do not post about bugs on social media or in our Facebook Group. All posts in FulGaz Riders about MacOS Beta bugs will be removed immediately because we want it to be a place for general FulGaz discussion, not a beta version forum.

Note: The MacOS version is currently Bluetooth only, ANT+ is not supported at this time. We are currently in discussions with Garmin about how to best provide this functionality. 

Compatible with Intel and M1 Macs

View the detailed installation guide here.