NEW – FulGaz for Apple TV

If you’re looking for the closest experience to riding outside, FulGaz for Apple TV is what you’ve been looking for. We’ve re-written the rulebook on what’s possible with a cycling app, bringing you stunning 4K videos and super-accurate data to match.

Simply stunning

Amazing video quality and incredibly easy setup with no adaptors or cables makes FulGaz for Apple TV the easiest way to feel like you’re riding outdoors. Check out this quickstart video to see what you’re missing.

Plays well with your equipment

FulGaz for Apple TV connects via bluetooth and controls smart trainers in exactly the same way as FulGaz on iPhones and iPads.

Check out the DC Rainmaker Review

Check out this video to find out what influential blogger and technology expert Ray Maker thought of FulGaz for Apple TV. Without giving away too much, he liked it a lot.