FulGaz Events

Fancy something more competitive that your usual FulGaz experience? Compete against riders from all over the world in the nearest experience you can get to riding outside.
We’re about to be launching new events in FulGaz. Some of these will be time trials, others will form part of a stage race events, others are simply a way to test your self on a new course on a weekly or monthly basis. Events will be added rapidly over the next few weeks, but first, we’re kicking off with the first round of our time Trial Series.

General event FAQs
For information on how our event works and how to get the best out of FulGaz please read the Event FAQS. Even if you’re a FulGaz regular, there are a few differences that you need to note between this race and regular FulGaz rides.

How to enter
Each ride will appear for a set period of time in it’s relevant category within FulGaz. You just need to ride each stage from start to finish to complete an event. Further tips on how to get the best out of FulGaz can be found here. If you’re serious about posting the best times you can, this is essential reading.

How to make sure you’re seeing the latest events in FulGazĀ 
Simply restart FulGaz or go to Settings > Refresh Ride List, then restart FulGaz.

Lost your job due to COVID-19?
If you’re an existing FulGaz subscriber and you need to cancel because you’ve lost your job, get in touch. Tell us a bit about what’s happened and we’ll help you out.


Time Trial Series

Our own take on a time Trial World Cup. The first course has now been released, with more to come next month. Some will be iconic, some will only be known to the locals, but every ride will test you.
Planned events
Virtual Race Across America
Giro d’Italia
Tour of Yorkshire
Plus many more…..