Dealer Support

Helping Retailers

Using FulGaz to demo smart trainers will help you sell more. It’s pretty simple really. The new Apple TV version of FulGaz gives you a low cost, high impact tool to show off what your trainers can do. Let’s get you up to speed.

This video contains a few tips on how to maximise the chances of retailers continuing to use FulGaz after you have left the store. We don’t expect retailers to stop using other apps, but the high quality videos and smooth data within FulGaz make for a visually stunning demo that shows off the full potential of your hardware. We offer all stores and their staff free subscriptions. By using a promo code we can also put them in a special group, giving them access to exclusive content, competitions etc.

Running competitions at events

You have access to the “Competitions” section of FulGaz. This lets you run competitions at demo nights etc. Each entrant enters their own name, email address and weight. Their time is instantly posted to an online leaderboard. You get access to their details after the event. For the moment, we need to clear the leaderboard for you between events and send you their details an email, but this will soon be automated.

Using competitions to send people to stores
The competitions can also be made available to all your retailers. This will allow you to run “Visit your local dealer for your chance to win” competitions. You receive a list of all entrants, including their name, email address and which store they rode in.

Don’t have access to competitions?
Email Let us know the email address you use in FulGaz and we’ll get you set up with everything you need. This includes access to exclusive content including the competitions plus FREE subscriptions for you and all your staff.

Custom Competitions – Just for you

We can edit any existing ride and turn it into a competition. If that doesn’t give you something local enough to really resonate with people at your events, you can film a favourite ride we can add that for you.

Competitions have three different levels of access
Private – Limited to one sales person or store
Group – EG All Wahoo Dealers send results to one leaderboard
Public – Available to the general public with Wahoo Branding / Sponsorship

Don’t have FulGaz already? Download it now

Get started with the standard 14 day free trial then get in touch so we can upgrade you to a free Wahoo subscription and give you access to Wahoo-only content –  email


We’ve set up demo rides specifically to showcase the CLIMB. You’ll find it in the “Wahoo” section in FulGaz. It transports the rider to a tropical island, and in a little over a mile it covers every gradient the CLIMB can simulate. It’s a great way to demonstrate the full potential of the CLIMB. Like all our rides, it’s also possible to leave this ride running by itself on a continuous loop. This will be a killer demo for retailers to leave running in store.

For more information or help getting started, email From there we can have a call on Skype etc.