With a rock steady riding style and a gritty determination to complete any ride – no matter how tough, David has contributed some of the best rides in FulGaz. This determination was shown recently when he went out and rode the toughest stage of the tour of Britain three times because he had technical issues the first two times.

David’s Welsh rides include some truly spectacular roads that could easily become some of your favourite rides in FulGaz.

You can check out his rides in FulGaz by searching for Harrison.
Full name

David Harrison

Where you live?

Cardiff, Wales, UK

What you do when you’re not out riding?

Travelling mainly…I just can’t seem to stay in the same place! Having family in Melbourne helps as I can escape the wet winters here in the UK!

At what age did you start riding a bike?

I recall riding my first bike at the age of 4 or 5.  I think it was an Raleigh Budgie those things were great for wheelies but should have come with a health warning.  After that it was a Rayleigh Mag Burner and then onto a Giant Granite.  My first road bike came at the age of 35 after scratching that itch of a motorbike! 

Your favourite FulGaz ride?

I’d have to say Mt Buffalo.  It was my first Fulgaz ride and was more about the mental challenge in preparation for riding it with my brother later on in the winter/summer.

Your favourite pro bike rider?

It be easy for me to say G coming from Wales, however its Michail Kwiatkowski.  He just seems to empty the tank for Froome and co which I admire.  Plus his time up the Tumble and live segments serve as a good reminder for me to work harder – how can I shave 6mins off my PB to compete. Chapeau!!!

Your favourite food?

Marmite Toast…its way better than Vegemite!

Your favourite movie?

There’s too many to choose from

What you enjoy most about filming FulGaz rides?

Filming for Fulgaz gave me a purpose to my cycling.  It started as ‘something to do’ as I found myself with a bit of time on my hands whilst also being able to share some of my local hills with my brother.  However, I think the most enjoyable part is being able to relive a climb on a dark and cold evening.  Or as the catalogue grows ride places in advance of experiencing the climb or descent for real.  Sa Calobra is one of those places…however Fulgaz can’t do anything to prepare you meeting those buses! 🙂