Congratulations Brodie Chapman + Aidan Buttigieg

FulGaz is delighted with the news that FulGaz ambassador, Brodie Chapman, and FulGaz Ride Engineer Aidan Buttigieg have both been selected for the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. 

The Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. 

Brodie will be competing in the green and gold for Australia, whilst Aidan Buttigieg will be sporting the Maltese cross of Malta. 

“Being selected to represent Malta at the 2022 Commonwealth Games is such an honour and privilege within itself, let alone being given the opportunity to represent generations of family, and make my heritage proud.” said Aidan Buttigieg.

He added “Malta is more than just a country, it’s home. With my family still living in parts of Malta, I want to do them proud and I want to do Malta proud. I’m very excited for Birmingham, I’m counting down the days.”

“Riding for Australia at the Commonwealth Games is something to be really proud of. It means so much to Australians and to be part of the Aussie team is a really special opportunity”. said Brodie Chapman

“I’m extremely proud of the work both Aidan and Brodie have put in to get here. It’s a terrific reflection on the dedication and drive of these two young riders.”

“The Commonwealth Games brings together some of the best riders in the world and we’ll be keen to see how they both go in Birmingham later this year. The entire FulGaz family is happy to have played just a small part in the success of both these riders.” –  Mike Clucas, founder of FulGaz. 

The men’s and women’s road races will be on 7 August 2022 in Warwick.

You can catch all the action from the Birmingham Commonwealth Games from 28 July – 8 August. View schedule.