The Climb to Hawi

‘The climb to Hawi can really make or break your day both mentally and physically but it doesn’t have to. I always tell my riders to control what you can control and stick to your plan. Don’t let the occasion overwhelm you’ – Coach Michellie Jones

Join IRONMAN Asia Pacific Champion, Kylie Simpson alongside Coach Michellie and Craig as they chat through how to tackle the climb to Hawi. The team discuss everything from pacing strategies, cadence, power curves and more. This climb could make or break your day, so be sure to listen to our experts, to ensure you manage your energy expenditure correctly on race day.

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This ride is locked into steady mode, so you will travel at the filmed speed of the video rather than your actual speed, this is so you can see and hear everything our experts are talking about. 

Another great way to experience this ride is to apply your own workout from Training Peaks, Today’s Plan, Tridot or Final Surge. For more on how to do that click here.