This week, Tom Gosnell gives us a taste of what it’s like to ride in the desert with this collection from Tucson, Arizona.

After riding FulGaz for a while, and realising that there were no rides from his region, he decided to start contributing his own favourite local routes and share its beauty.

Tom describes this ride collection as “a sampling of the variety of rides we have here in Tucson. “A Taste of the Tucson Foothills” is part of a ride we do to just get out of the house for a good, quick workout as it offers numerous views of the Catalina Mountains. We particularly enjoy the Ventana Loop section of this ride which starts with the Cat 4 climb.

If you’re looking for something to keep the legs turning over, then “Rillito Pantano” is an out and back ride on part of the 54 mile Loop multi-use path that circles Tucson.

The “Saguaro NP – Cactus Loop” is a crowd favourite in Tucson. It is an 8-mile loop through the Sonoran desert at the base of the Rincon mountains. It has swooping ups and downs, beautiful scenery, and a steady climb to make sure you are paying attention. Along the way, you will see numerous saguaro cacti; a classic symbol of the American west. If 8 miles is not enough, you can ride laps of this one.

This collection is a trio of rides that showcase the varied colours, scenery and awe-inspiring views of Tuscon. Thanks for sharing Arizona with the world Tom!

Rillito Pantano

This is an out and back ride along a section of the Loop–a paved 54-mile multi-use path circling Tucson. The ride starts in the Rillito River Park and continues through the Pantano River Park and the Harrison Greenway before turning around and returning to the start. This route would make a great 40K TT.


A Taste of the Tucson Foothills

This is a pleasant ride in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains in Tucson offering numerous views of these mountains. The ride goes around the Ventana Loop which has a Cat 4 climb. Many local riders use this climb for interval work and hill repeats.


Saguaro NP - Cactus Loop ????

The Cactus Forest Drive flows through Sonoran Desert at the base of the Rincon Mountains. This beautiful 8-mile loop is one of the most popular rides in Tucson. Along the way you will see hundreds of saguaro cacti–classic symbols of the American west.


About this week's contributor

Originally hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Tom now calls Tucson, Arizona home.

The 66-year old has been riding for a while, but only recently starting contributing rides to FulGaz after realising there was nothing from his own backyard.

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