Your new coach


Introducing Bernard, your virtual FulGaz training partner!

Bernard is your trusted training partner, advisor, race competitor and all-round FulGaz virtual motivator. 

He loves nothing more than crushing watts, eating hills for breakfast and helping you ride further and faster. Bernard is included as part of your FulGaz subscription.

To enable Bernard, click on the settings “cog” in the top right corner, select Virtual Rider, then check the Ride Against Bernard tick box. Put your ride mode into Reactive and get ready to roll out with your new training partner!

When you select a video and ride, Bernard’s time will be displayed on-screen alongside yours with an indicator of the time difference between you both. You will also see Bernard’s “dot” on the elevation map at the top of the screen, giving you an indication of how far ahead or behind he is on the course compared to you.

There are two methods to set the way Bernard rides for you, basic and advanced.

Basic Bernard

If you’ve selected Ride against Bernard and set his power number, this is “Basic Bernard” mode. For simplicity, in this mode Bernard weighs the same as you, so his power to weight ratio will also be the same.

All you need to do is switch him on and set his power number. Bernard will then lock in this wattage and ride at this number for the entire ride. 

Careful though. Bernard will hold this power on the flat, uphill and downhill. He will ride to this wattage like the seasoned pro he is. You’ll never catch him with soft pedalling!

Advanced Bernard

Using Bernard’s Advanced Power Settings enables you to fine tune how he reacts to climbs and descents. Just like you may crank out extra watts up a climb and ease back for the descents, you can set Bernard up to do the same.

To access Advanced Bernard, go into your settings menu, select Virtual Rider, then scroll down to Bernard Advanced Power Settings.

The default settings have Bernard pushing harder and harder as a climb gets steeper, then easing off when going downhill (he will back off or even coast on descents). This gives a far more realistic ride. 

Make Bernard ride for you.

You can tweak the percentage increase and decrease to match how you would like Bernard to ride. 

If you find Bernard powering away up steep climbs, reduce the top percentage until you are happy with his performance. Likewise for descents. It can take a bit of “trial and error” but once you get him right, he will be your faithful domestique for life.

He works hard for you, so be sure to shout him a virtual espresso at the post-ride cafe!

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