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Do you have any local routes you’d love to have featured on FulGaz?

We are on the hunt for the next generation of FulGaz contributors, and we’re here to help you capture your region to share with the world. 

FulGaz is a community-driven app, and in that spirit, we are keen to grow our network around the globe. Contributors are the lifeblood of the FulGaz app and are tireless in their pursuit of bringing to life their cycling trips. 

For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, your window for good weather and filming is closing fast, and we’d love to see your rides on FulGaz so you can enjoy them year-round and share your corner of the earth with the world.  

Some of the most popular rides on FulGaz are the kind of quirky, local rides that made you fall in love with riding in the first place.

We’ll provide you with:


  • -GoPro 10
  • -External battery
  • -Micro SD
  • -Wahoo/Garmin Bike Computer
  • -Bike and Computer mounts
  • -Speed sensor
  • -Training


In return, we ask that you produce:


  • -A minimum of 12 videos highlighting your region/holiday
  • -Monthly social posts and behind-the-scenes content from your adventures!

If you’ve already got the gear and would love to become a FulGaz contributor, we are here to help. Check out our detailed filming guide to see how to capture the perfect ride for FulGaz. 

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