We asked subscribers, people who had trouble with FulGaz and people couldn’t use it to give us their opinion. Our aim was to get a better understanding of what people would like to see in the future, and what obstacles we could remove to allow more people to use FulGaz. Some of you didn’t hold back!

The results have been very useful, helping make sure FulGaz improves in the areas people really want, not things we think they might want. The most popular major feature request by a long way, both in raw numbers and comments was the ability to do structured interval sessions. There are a few ways to tackle that, so I’ll be working on something that’s easy to use and set up.

Cycleops and Kurt Kinetic trainers were the most requested new trainers.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to write comments and feedback, it has been very useful. Not everything can be built of course, but this feedback makes sure that within our available resources we can deliver the biggest improvements earlier.

FulGaz survey results