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Colle delle Finestre

Cottian Alps, Piemonte, Italy

Mountain - Long

The road was built around 1700 to gain access to the fortresses in the area, mainly the Forte di Fenestrelle. The road is very popular for both cyclists and motorbikes with magnificent views of the surrounding mountain ranges, it serves as a tourist attraction however be aware that around 8 Kms of road leading to the summit has not been asphalted and you will be riding on rough gravel. The mountain pass is 18.6 kilometres long at an average of 9.1% (height gain: 1694 m), the maximum gradient being 14%. Last used on stage 20 of the 2015 Giro.

Duration 1:41:31
Distance 18.13kms
Elevation Gain 1630m
Toughness 860