About fulgaz

Mr FulGaz is Mike Clucas, the founder of the app and the possibly obsessive compulsive inventor, rider and film maker behind much of FulGaz's content.

Time trial training with FulGaz

First, let me reveal a bit about myself. I live and breathe time trials. They’re the part of cycling that’s always clicked with me both mentally and physically. For that reason, they’ve been a passion of mine since the 80’s both as an athlete and a coach. That's me in the photo above, doing my [...]

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Cycliq FLY12 Review

The interesting gadget that's become a must-have daily essential I often get asked “what camera should I buy to film rides?” I've been testing a pre-production version of a new camera that’s changed my opinion about what’s possible in the action cam category and now sits high on my list of recommended cameras. The biggest [...]

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FulGaz at the Tour down Under

Going to the Tour Down Under? FulGaz will be there too! We're excited to announce that we will once again be on the Wahoo Fitness stand at the Tour Down Under Expo. Drop in and give FulGaz a try, give feedback or ask for a free beer, we'll be happy to help. We'll have a [...]

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The better climbing training program

FulGaz lets you see and feel some great climbs indoors, but to help you get more focussed we’ve outlined this series of sessions to help you specifically improve your climbing. It’s best to separate each of these sessions with a day of easy riding (indoors or out). Stick with it and you’ll soon start to [...]

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Riding and filming the Hamilton Island Triathlon Course

There’s your ordinary “out and back” triathlon course, then there’s a special event where the organisers, terrain and location combine to create something truly unique and memorable. Escape from Alcatraz in San Francisco is one of those events, but Australia has the Hamilton Island Triathlon. it’s something very special and it's well worth a look. [...]

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Cervelo R3 Camera Rig Special Edition

I wanted to build up a bike that was ideal for filming rides for FulGaz, but ultimately suitable for racing too. The result is this bike, the beautiful Cervelo R3 with a series of custom modifications. The R3 Frame isn’t the top of the range frame, but you’d never know if nobody told you. I [...]

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